What is a Romp?

A meeting of anxious animals ready to run loose at full speed across an enclosed, safe area. The short version is letting the dogs hang out in a fenced area large enough for them to run around at full speed with other dogs that can run at their pace. The video below may give a better idea.


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Jail Break - Back Yard Romp

The Last Romp for 2007

Summer Romp 2007

Do Dah Day 2007

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Mudfest 2007

The Romp

Pappa Don't Take No Mess

Attack of the Hounds

Best Romp Ever Part II

Laura's Romp - Best Romp Ever pt.1

More Lure Coursing



Where do you Romp?

At the moment, we currently have one safe place identified:

Trace Crossings Elementary, by the Hoover Met