Splendor was born on April 28, 2004 and raced 12 races in Birmingham. One time in her race career (if you could call it that) she came in third. Most of the other races have comments like, “no threat” or “no major effort” or “no factor”. We brought her home on August 25, 2006. She might not have been good at racing, but she is a superstar at playing. If you look at the grass in our backyard, you’d see she loves to run laps around our yard and there is a threat of a Splendor-made race track. She can be seen frequently at romps trying to round up the other tired-out greyhounds because she is not done running around.

Splendor has a laundry basket full of toys and she loves to run up and down the hallway squeaking them furiously. I’ve had to replace some squeakers to prolong the life of her toys. I’m afraid the carpet will be worn out soon, but she’s our playful girl and she’s brought a lot of fun energy to our home.

Some fun facts about Splendor:

-She came to us with the top corner of her ear missing.

-It is rare that she barks.

-She runs to the door whenever she hears a doorbell on TV.

-She’ll push through anybody that is in her way.

-She’ll eat anything. Asparagus, potatoes, and red pepper are a few favorites.

-Best of all…she loves to snuggle!