Snoopy was born at the Birmingham Race Course Adoption on August 13 th 2006. His mother is Lira and he came from an oops litter, they don’t know who his dad is so he has never Raced. He has siblings on the website he hopes to meet someday (Laura & Klaus). Until then he is content to harass his sisters Bella, Naïve, & Mego. He is so fast and loves nothing more than to be chased. He is very cocky slowing to look over his shoulder and tease the slower girls only to turn on the speed again. Snoopy teases everyone by rubbing the babies (toys) against the girls and over their necks. If he wants something they have he barks non-stop until they give it over or chase him away. He loves to run and play and has endless energy. Water is great fun for him, he loves to jump waves at the beach and attack the water sprinkler. Snoopy follows us from room to room and is a constant companion. Snoopy is still a big puppy and has destroyed at least one thousand dollars worth of shoes so far in his short life. He thinks we can’t see him hiding in the bed if he lies really still. He seems to have selective hearing and memory problems when corrected. Snoopy is like a clown doing anything for attention. He keeps us busy and laughing, there is never a dull moment now that Snoopy is at home.