We adopted Sleepy in December 2005.  They named her Sleepy in the kennel since it is short for her racing name "By Sleep Wear" but since it fits her well, we kept it.

Interesting facts:

~ One of her favorite places to sleep consists of two large comforters and two pillows piled on the floor. 

~ She likes to run and jump into the middle of them, while letting out a loud bark (seems to be the doggie equivalent of a child jumping on a bed).

~Besides sleeping, she loves to go for walks and romps.

~ She also loves going to the vet and wags her tail while she gets a shot.

~ Sleepy has no problem going up steps but she thinks she needs permission to come down.  She'll stand at the top of the steps and whine until someone says, "It's okay!  You can come down!"  Then she runs down.

~The only thing she dislikes is thunder.  She hides in the closet until it is over.