My name is 'Set'. I am 3 years old, a hefty 88 lbs, they tell me I'm a big boy because I am also taller than most greys. I was a retiree from the Birmingham Race Course. I was adopted, but then I was returned (something about eating a couple of goats, I thought they were pretty good snacks myself; how was I supposed to know they were not for me?). My second career started in November of 2007 when Dr. May, DVM, adopted me to be the blood donor for his clinic. Now, I am saving lives everyday!
     My life at the clinic isn't so bad. I get a nice cushy bed, extra long run, all the food and treats I can handle (remember I told you I'm a little hefty), and I have a large play group of people and other dogs. I have a larger family than the average dog, everyone that works at Dr. May's office just loves me. I even have a girlfriend named 'Diamon', she's the coolest, I run a little faster than she does but she plays a lot harder. I get frequent outings to the park and the river to stretch my legs outside the clinic. I try and tell my people friends a car ride would be just fine with the windows down. It is much easier (I am really lazy) to see the world through a rolled down window than to have to walk around.
     Greyhounds are favored over other dogs as blood donors for a couple of different reasons:
1) We are so docile; it takes a little while to give enough blood and we have all the patience in the world.
2) We are universal donors meaning we can give blood to just about any other dog that may be in need.
3) Greyhounds have an elevated red blood cell count. Our red blood cell count is almost double that of normal dogs.