Queenie was born June 19, 2005. Her racing name was Oakland Kingdom, and she came from the Birmingham Race Course. She was retired young, because I like to think she was just smarter than her fellow friends. Although that is probably not the case, as she did not run in many races if any at all. Queenie is not at shy. I expected her to be scared of all the new things she was going to see and experience when I first got her. However, she is not scared (not even of the vacuum cleaner)! She has recently learned how to bark. I don’t think she realized she could make actual noises, and let’s just say she enjoys hearing herself when I get home from work.


Fun facts about Queenie

-She loves her leash and going on walks

-She loves the car and hanging her head out the window

-Going to her Grandparents house and playing with their dogs is the best day

-Loves being brushed

-Will simply lay around on her back with all four legs in the air

-Loves to have her belly rubbed

-Loves other people and children

-Can go up and down stairs with no problems now