Edren Naïve was born November 9’ th 2002, Naïve raced in 52 races at the Birmingham Race Course. Naïve had a good racing career, but prefers retirement. She has many scars on her sides which she received as a puppy. Crystal from the Birmingham Race Course Adoption picked her to show us, because she knew we would not care about the scars. We are so lucky to have been chosen for this beautiful girl. She has the sweetest face and loves to have her picture taken. She is scared of storms and loud noises. Naive loves to get hugs and kisses. She sings for attention, it sounds like a cross between a blood hound and opera singer. She nips and prances when she is excited. Naïve Loves to play, her favorite games are Frisbee, chasing anything, tug-of-war with Snoopy and alligator mouth. I found out recently while researching her race history, she and Mego have the same father. I researched a little more and found that she; Bella and Mego share a famous relative named Downing born in 1975.