Monroe was born on January 1, 2004. She raced 62 races at Victoryland before retirement where her racing name was “Nimby Gabriel”. She was her trainer’s favorite pup. I adopted Monroe in May of 2007 from the Birmingham Race Course, and she quickly became part of the family. Monroe currently resides with me in English Village and loves to go on visits. My parents (Fred and Denise) absolutely adore Monroe and spoil her when she comes. She gets so excited when we pull up to their house in Huntsville that she climbs into the front seat of the car, whether another passenger is sitting there or not! Doree and Keavy are her best greyhound friends, and she loves to run with them on the Birmingham-Southern soccer field.

Monroe loves children and gets excited when she sees them coming; she also loves making friends with other pups. There is a pair of Italian greyhounds in our neighborhood that we pass all of the time on walks, and sometimes I think Monroe wonders if she is really that small. She is definitely a couch dog and prefers to be on your lap (or to use you as a pillow in at least some capacity).

Monroe is so afraid of thunder that when she hears it, she will go into the bathroom and refuse to come out. I don’t even try to coax her out anymore; I just bring her some essentials and let her ride out the storm. Interestingly, Monroe can hear (or sense) thunder before humans can, so it is almost like she is a thunderstorm predictor!

More fun facts about Monroe:

-At the kennel, they called her the ‘hyper one’. Although this was a bit of a misnomer, she gets very hyper when she has just been let in from the backyard.

-She refuses to take her heartworm medicine unless it is covered in peanut butter.

-She has a favorite stuffed animal toy that she sometimes sleeps with.

-She likes to wake up early, but understands that “no” means that it is a day when she gets to sleep in.

-She likes to collect things. It is a rare day that she has not stolen one of my clothing items to cuddle with.

-She gets along with cats

-If I get up to do something, she gets up to follow me.

-She loves to sleep on her back