MollyCate was born January 18, 2003 to the Dunaway Kennels and raced at Birmingham Race Course under the name LD’s Pigaroo. After an exhausting four races MollyCate retired from the circuit and lived with her kennel owner. When Mr. Dunaway passed away MollyCate, along with her sister Buggy (LD’s Bug Eye), was given to Greyhound Pets of America to adopt out.


My husband and I had wanted a greyhound for quite some time and after extensive research we decided that we were ready. On a beautiful January afternoon in 2004 we visited GPA and MollyCate and Buggy were brought out to us to meet. Buggy was all over the place! She wanted to sniff and check out everything but us. MollyCate sauntered up to us and just leaned. If she wasn’t leaning on me she was leaning on my husband. We knew then that this was our girl. After a week and a half of daily phone calls to the vet checking in on her spay surgery she was ready to come home.


MollyCate has been the most wonderful dog. She is very obedient and comes when called. She knows how to make you smile even when you’ve had the worst day. I could not imagine my life without my brindled baby.


Some Fun Facts About MollyCate

  • She goes by at least 20 different nicknames and comes to every one of them.
  • Her favorite toy is her corgi/terrier mix sister, Cooper.
  • If you’re sitting in a chair that she wants she will stare at you until you get up. It really creeps most people out.
  • She loves to swim…her version of course.
  • She will poot herself out of a bed.
  • Barks at thunder.
  • Hates hardwood floors because she can’t do her “zoomies”.
  • Loves squirrels but doesn’t understand why they always run away from her.
  • Loves neck scratches. Those get her back leg going.



Liesl S. Finney