La Deda Megotago was born December, 13th 2002, she goes by Mego. She raced 58 races at the Birmingham Race Course and we adopted her from there. Mego is adorable with the cutest overbite and a “perma grin”. Her tail curls up and makes a curly Q. Mego is a very sweet girl who loves to meet new people. She just can’t understand why everyone else isn’t as happy to see her as she is to see them. She gets along great with her sisters Bella, Naïve, Tigger “the cat” and Snoopy her brother. Mego is a daddy’s girl she is a little mischievous, but can do no wrong in her daddy’s eyes. Her favorite place is next to him in bed. She is playful and puppy like, keeping us laughing. She will go crazy and spin if you ask her to go for a ride. She is very curious and tries to take everything in while riding. She barks wildly when she rides by another dog. Mego was a great addition to our family.