Lira (Lrt Lira) was born December 31, 2003 to Cimarron Greyhound Farms. The story at the track kennel is that Lira was inadvertently turned out with a male greyhound and the result was seven beautiful puppies. This error retired her at the young age of three.


When we decided to foster a greyhound Lira was the first to be volunteered. She had some people socialization issues, but we knew we were the just the family to work with her. After two weeks Lira had shown such great improvements in her behavior and personality that we decided to “fail” at fostering and keep her. Lira is still people shy, even with us, but we have faith that she will open up to us in the years to come.


Some Fun Facts:

  • Lira is mom to Laura and Klaus
  • All of Lira’s littermates are named after foreign currency (Centavo, Franc, Pence, Shilling, and Krone)
  • Her bestest friend is MollyCate
  • Her nickname is Piper because of the noise she makes when settling down at night. It sounds like a bagpipe letting out its air.
  • Prefers dogs to people.
  • She whines when she is hungry, has to potty, or if her presence has not been acknowledged in the last three minutes.
  • She is the messiest drinker and will leave a trail of water on the floor.
  • Has become one of the fastest dogs at the romps.
  • Mastered stairs in less than 24 hours.
  • Mastered the art of not sleeping in her crate at night the second day.
  • Will counter surf if cat food is left out.