She was born August 13, 2006 at the Birmingham Race Track. Her mother is Lira and her father is unknown. She is a very sassy girl. Laura runs the house and her parents, especially her daddy. She is daddy’s girl and knows just what to do to get her way.

Laura lets Jack know on a daily basis, that this is her house and he is just a visitor.

When Trevor was alive, he was in charge. Laura has taken Trevor’s behavior and copied it. She just lets Jack share HER house.


~She grunts when she is sleepy

~She knows she is pretty

~She will cry when she is ready for everyone to get up

~She loves to bark

~She loves it when Jack chases her but cries when he catches her (It takes Jack awhile to catch her)

~She is faster than the speed of lighting

~She will sit on command

~Her best friend is Jack (we can’t decide if they are friends or boyfriend & girlfriend)

~She thinks she is as big as Jack

~She loves squeaky toys and tug of war with Jack

~She understands the word NO!