Joyful the Pillow
First day home

Joyful (DF Joyful) was born October 27, 1998. The greyhound data board shows that she did not run in any races, but I know she’s a winner at heart. She was adopted by a woman in Huntsville who passed away from cancer. The track took her back before her owner died, where they adopted her out to a lady in Tennessee. After 3 years, that lady brought her back. A week later is when we got our beautiful girl. On February 18, 2006 we brought her home to live with us permanently (God willing…if not, MollyCate’s mom will take care of her). She stole our hearts immediately and we spoil her accordingly.


Some interesting facts about Joyful are:


-She barks when she wants to go out, when she wants a treat, when she’s hungry, and when she wants to go for a ride.

-She loves car rides. She’ll keep her head out the window until the car goes about 50mph.

-She only begs when her parents eat steak.

-She can sit and does so when she begs or when she wants a treat.

-She snaps her teeth when she wants your attention. This is her warning before she raises her voice and barks.