Jazz was born in July of 1996. She raced in Mobile and I was told she was quite good. I adopted her from the B'ham race course in Feb. of 1999. Jazz is my best friend. She loves to sleep in the sun. She enjoys going to Pet Supply Plus. She will go straight to the pig ears and pick out one for me to buy for her. She has two kitty sisters who love her very much. She likes to chase them through the house. She also loves to chase squirrels. She loves people and never meets a stranger. She also loves other dogs and some cats too. She likes going to her grandparents house because they give her lots of treats and then she comes home with her tummy upset. Jazz is very afraid of loud noises. Thunderstorms and fireworks really scare her. When she gets really scared she has to take a sleepy time pill in peanut butter to clam her nerves.
Her favorite things are:
1. Pig ears
3.Long walks on sunny days.
4. Chasing squirrels
5. Shopping at Pet Supply Plus.