Jack (MN’s Fast Jack) was born January 23, 2003. He raced most of his career in Palm Beach. Jack was in about 60 races and did fairly well. Once he began slowing down, the brought him to Birmingham Race Course. Jack had only been in the kennel for a week, before we adopted him.

Jack has a very young spirit and he can keep up with Laura. He is always up to play.


~Jack loves playing tug of war with Laura.

~He loves to grab a toy, dangle it in front of her face, make sure she grabs the other end and then go sit down. (Bet you can guess who wins this game every time)

~Jack follows us from room to room

~He follows Laura’s lead on just about everything

~He loves to lay on the bed with her when she is sleeping

~He loves to jump straight up in the air so that his feet are not touching the ground

~Jack loves to lay on his back

~He is in love with Laura

~He could never survive being an only dog

~He is VERY young at heart

~We have never heard Jack bark or cry


Jack enjoys a fine leather cigar at the parade     Jack -n- Laura