Iris was born 5/5/05.  Her career consisted of one race in which she didn't finish.  She was at the Caliente race track in Tijuana, Mexico.  She was rescued by the GPA on 3/10/07 and we got her on 3/17/07.  She was one of 35 dogs rescued that day.  She weighs 62 lbs., and stands 25" at the shoulder.  She is extremely sweet and well behaved, and seems to prefer women to men.  She loves to chase the ball and brings them promptly back (that's her new job).  She will even sleep with a ball in her mouth.  She prefers the company of Greyhounds to other dogs.  She has a high prey drive, and she doesn't like cats, small yappy dogs, rabbits and most of all squirrels.  She barks when she plays in the house, but not outside.  She loves to ride in the car, and is laying down before we are out of the driveway.  She much prefers lounging around in Long Beach to being at the track.  She found a couple of suckers (my wife and I).