Ginger was born on July 1, 2000, she came from Lomax Kennel where her racing name was "C's Ginger". At the Birmingham Race Course she raced 18 races and then was retired.
Ginger was adopted by Bob and Ruth Slocum on July 24, 2006 from the Birmingham Race Course and has been loved dearly ever since. She has been entertaining us all ever since. She absolutely loves her squeaky toys, especially the ones that talk! Toy Shoppe makes a cow, frog, and monkey stuffed animal that makes the noises of the certain animal, and Ginger goes crazy over them, especially the monkey! She has gone through about 4 monkeys, she kills them in a matter of minutes. Ginger also loves her walks. She walks in the mornings and in the afternoons she walks with her best friend "Georgia" the Basset. She's so funny because she won't drink out of the water bowl, because it is one of those automatic watering bowls. When she first came to the Slocum's she went to get a drink and it bubbled at her, so she's scared of it. So she drinks out of the bird bath. She has her own special water bowl that none of the other dogs can reach! Except when it's cold outside it freezes and she just looks at her bird bath kind of funny, Bob and Ruth have to make her a special water bowl inside. Ginger has been so fun to have around. She's very loved and just a tad bit spoiled!  

Fun Facts About Ginger

*She barks at planes that are so high in the sky you can only see their contrail, she doesn't bark at the low incoming planes

*She is terrified of fireworks

*She is obsessed with the Screaming Monkey by Toy Shoppe she will go INSANE over it and break it in a matter of minutes

*She hates getting her teeth brushed

*She LOVES playing with Sarah

*She loves chasing squirrels with her best friend the Basset Hound "Georgia"

*She will not sit

*She loves getting her belly rubbed, and when you rub her belly she raises her back leg

*She's just figured out she's a house dog and can let loose and play, she and "Georgia" get so funny and chase each other as fast as possible in circles around the house

*When someone leaves she goes out in the backyard to see them off

~Ruth, Bob, Sarah & Ginger