Perfectly Fit is the most incredible animal that has ever walked into my life, and this was from the very beginning. I adopted Fit in February, 2005, and it was love at first sight. Fit was born March 15, 2000.

Fit ran 156 races with 20 wins and 21 seconds, that's why he does not run now, just jogs. He started out at the Tri State Track in Cross Lanes, WV in March 02 – November 02; moved to Mardi Gras Track, Hollywood, FL from January 03 – May 03; Flagler Track, Miami, FL from June 03 – November 03, Fit won the 2003 Flagler Inaugural Championship, wonder how much money breeder made off that????; back to Mardi Gras from December 03 – May 04; back to Flagler June 04 – July 04, and then according to his breeder......Fit decided he was not going to run ANYMORE!!! The breeder said he was such an incredible dog and “had done him well” (whatever that means, I think it means made him RICH), so they decided to keep him and let him train the new pups and to their dismay when challenged by the new pups, he would outrun them, but would not race anymore. So, being greedy, they shipped him to the Birmingham Track (since they felt the competition was less and they could continue to win money), and he confirmed in Birmingham that he WAS NOT going to run ANYMORE!!! So, after running until he was almost 5, he was finally placed into the adopted program and I'm thankful everyday that he was and that I have been granted the opportunity to share his life.

In his new life, he loves his bed, ear scratches, going for walks, peeing high on trees so other dogs cannot reach to mark over, riding in the car and drawing pictures on the windows with his nose, eating carrots, marshmallows, peanut butter and anything Mrs. Pat can find half price at Wal-Mart. His favorite words are: outside and cookie. He can do tricks, which are shake and spin in a circle which must follow with a cookie because he will stand and stare until you pay up for the entertainment.

So, long story short, I'm very protective and love this canine dearly because I know he has had a very difficult life being shuffled around most of it. He is an absolute joy and cracks me up with his “don't give a rip attitude”. There are days at the romps that he will run and there are days that he marches to the beat of his own drummer (which is most of the time).

He is the love of my my life, along with his skin brother, David and fur sister, Aubrey.