Emma was born on June 24, 2004 and was adopted from the Birmingham Race Course when she was 2.5 years old. She and I had an instant connection and she is now my new found shadow. Her racing name was “Tubros Queen” and it fit her personality very well. She is by far the biggest drama queen in the house, but we love her to death.


Fun Facts about Emma:

  • She doesn’t sit, but has been taught to gracefully “bow” for a treat.
  • She loves to smile.
  • She does not like to share her toys. If she finds someone with one of her “babies”, she will entice them with every other toy in the box until their attention is diverted away from the one she wants.
  • She chatters her teeth when she is excited and the sound resembles a machine gun.
  • She is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms.
  • She has only recently discovered the art of “counter surfing” and has been known to quietly steal anything from hamburgers to muffins.
  • She loves chasing squirrels with her Beagle sister Lacy
  • Loves nothing more than lying on her bed in the living room with her favorite soft toy.
  • She is the jealous type, always sticking her nose in when someone else is getting attention.
  • She has to touch someone at night; I normally wake up with my legs asleep because I have a 55 lb dog on top of me.
  • Sometimes I think I have grown a 3 rd leg, but it’s only my side kick Emma following my every move.