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My name is Dude, or 'The Dude', 'His Dudeness', or 'El Dudarino', if you're not into the whole brevity thing. Originally named 'Redman', my parents decided to give me a first name (since that was their last name). Adopted from the Birmingham Racecourse, my career, much like myself, was very short. After placing last in both of my races, my owners decided that my heart was simply not in racing. They were right.

I prefer the finer things in life:

- Sunbathing - see also; -solar research

- Security detail - squirrel and cat

- Rotating the toy inventory

- Solar research - tracking solar radiation around the house in relation to soft surfaces, time of day, and other factors

- Romping with my friends

- Chompin' treats on the couch, and leavin a big mess for the maid

- Tasty fish-oil gel tabs.......taste just like fish.

- Helping Pop edit the romp videos, barking at the squawker, etc.


You wish you were me
Brad Pitt 'esque

You may not know :

- I am smaller than many females (60 lbs.)

- I fall apart in the car and around busy places, shaking like I'm at the vet

- My nose runs like a faucet when I am scared

- I am a spinner, 4-8 spins when the leash comes out. I love to walk

- I just recently learned to catch treats. Before Ms. Fluffy showed up, I had no reason to catch, huh!

- I prefer sleeping in the middle of the bed

- I am not gay, I am metrosexual