Doree (Perfectly Valid) was born May 4, 2003 and originally raced at the Mardi Gras Racetrack before moving to the Birmingham Racecourse. She ran 81 total races before breaking her right hock.

Her original name was Valley, but I thought that she needed a good Jewish name. I contorted the Hebrew word for “gift” and came out with the name Doree.

She has quickly become my best friend. I would be so lonely without her.

I adopted Doree in the middle of January 2007. I had always been interested in Greyhounds, but was tied down by Standard Schnauzers. Doree is the first dog that I have ever had that isn’t a Schnauzer, and she is amazing. Don’t tell anyone, but she puts the Schnauzers to shame. She is naturally well-mannered and loving. She has a gentle nature. She is far superior to any stubborn lug of a Schnauzer. But, keep that on the down low, especially around Moby (her Standard Schnauzer brother).


~She loves to sleep. Sleeping takes up about 20hrs of her day, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

~She likes to have her ears rubbed. This causes excessive moaning.

~She sits next to me while I study and rests her muzzle on my desk.

~She is scared of the dark and of the wind.

~After 2 months, she still will not go up and down stairs.

~She likes to ride in the car.