My name is Dan (aka racing name 'Father Dan') I was born July 14, 2004. I picked my home out in September of 2007 and have been making my people very happy ever since. The sweet lady at the Bham race track 'conveniently' had me roaming around the kennel in between my new parents 'trying out different greyts'. I was charming enouph to catch their eye. Yes, I know I am charming, handsom, and oh so clever!
I had a decent racing career with 54 races under my belt, but I make a much better couch potato. My Mom is a Vet Tech in Tuscaloosa, AL so I get to go to work with her EVERYDAY! and I love it. I have a large play group at the vet's office (thank you Dr. May for letting all of us hang out at work!) including two working greys (they are blood doners) and about five other dogs (all rescued and now in loving forever homes).

Fun facts about Dan:

1. He is handsom and he knows it.
2. He gets along with everyone.
3. He has very soulful eyes.
4. He never steals food, he just wants to smell and put nose juice on it.
5. His Mom's car windows were very clear before he came along, now she can't see throught the 'nose art'.
6. He is a whiner.
7. Sometimes he tickles himself (no kidding he bites his side and wags his tale veraciously)
8. He likes to play with his toys...by himself, if you try to play with his toys with him he looks at you like you are stupid.
9. He only really likes to get pets if his little sister is getting pets first then he is very insistent he is petted instead.
10. Dan is the best and brings joy to his peoples lives everyday.
Adopt a greyhound = save a life + give the gift of a loveing home= you will gain a greytful friend for life.