Hi, my name is Corona; my racing name was RD’s Corona and I was born in Arizona. However, for my short lived racing career, I worked at the Birmingham Race Course. All of my littermates were named after beer, so be on the look out for them. I’ve got some brothers and sisters out there (RD’s bud, miller, Schlitz, Coors). I’m really too elegant for all that beer talk, but my dad does homebrew, so I guess my name fits! My skin parents call me anything Corona Ona Felix, KK, and Coroners. I’m an outstanding example for my little brother, Klaus. See his picture below.

Let see, some history about me…I retired when I was two years old in 2002. I’m now 6! I’ve been a certified animal assisted therapy animal with Hand in Paw for about 2 years now. I love the Pawsitive Living Program, where young boys and girls can help me with my obedience and teach me cool tricks. They say I also teach them some cool stuff too. Initially, I wasn’t very social but joining Hand in Paw, and the Bham greys group has been very beneficial for me.

My favorite activities include lounging on the bed or any soft surface, romping, taking walks, running in my backyard, going for a ride, having visitors over, visiting my Meme’s house, and playing with my best friend Lola. We both love to sunbathe in our pool during the summer. Also, my favorite color is purple. You won’t see me wearing yellow or anything neutral. I’m definitely more into the jewel tones; you could say I’m a Winter. My NO list includes going out in the rain, sitting on hard surfaces, and taking my thyroid medicine.