Cabana (racing name “Odd Cabana”) was born August 13, 2002. She raced at Victoryland Track in Shorter, AL in 2004 and then ended her career at the Birmingham Track, also in 2004. She only raced a total of 7 races and realized she was ready for retirement!


I adopted Cabana in February 2005 and she has been an absolute blessing in my life. I cannot imagine myself without her. She loves all of her stuffed animals and a warm fluffy bed to lay in (especially a human bed!). Her favorite treats are pig ears, Nutro training bits, peanut butter, and cheese! She goes crazy for any of these!! We enjoy our daily walks where she has to check everything out and gets ridiculously excited if we see any other dogs! She is quite social at times and will always give a big greeting, but soon after if the excitement settles, she is back to lying down and relaxing.


Some interesting facts about Cabana:

~ Hates the rain

~ Prefers her “own” space and does not like to share it with other animals

~ Her back feet are ticklish

~ Does not like to have her teeth brushed

~ Will not “sit”

~ Does not bark (unless provoked by the cat or her little great dane brother)

~ Gets motion sickness but loves to “go bye-bye”

~ Enjoys vet visits because of all the attention she gets

~ Loves her belly rubbed

~ Does not like loud noises (fireworks, loud voices, etc)

~ Is a “leaner”

~ Loves to sunbathe

~ Alison & Cabana (my sweet angel !!)