Brie, whose racing name was PTL Brie), was born on June 27, 2002. She was adopted through Rebecca who was fostering her after she was removed from a home due to the family being unable to take care of her. Brie was brought into our lives on September 17, 2005, as a wedding present from my husband. She is by far the best wedding present I could ever imagine. She was very shy and skidding, but slowly began coming out of her shell…even to this day. Brie is very stubborn and will only do things when she wants to. Eight weeks at obedience school and the only thing she learned was to bow, and not even on cue. Some of you may recognize Brie from her brief modeling career in Critter Magazine. She is also known around the greyhound scene as the ‘Singing Greyhound.’ Though Brie has no problem singing solo, she enjoys when others join in.


Interesting Facts about Brie


*Loves to sing

*Loves riding in the car and going for walks

*She dances when she sees or hears her leash

*Loves her ear rubs and getting brushed

*Loves lying around (even at romps!)—by far the laziest dog I have ever seen and or met!

*Absolutely HATES hardwood floors and tile

*She won’t eat over her bowl…she would rather take a mouth full of food into the living room and repeat that process until her bowl is empty

*Has a 5 second attention span when it comes to toys

*HATES being placed on a couch, bed or for that matter, and furniture

*She thinks by turning her head and avoiding eye contact makes her invisible

*Missing the tip of her left ear so that is the only one that will stand up

*Deserves an Oscar for her acting abilities…she can fake an injury like no other!!