Solitary Bella was born April, 1st 2001; Bella raced 52 races in Orange Park, Florida. We adopted her from the Birmingham Race Course Adoption. I am not sure how she ended up in Birmingham. Gail from the adoption picked her for me and when I saw her I knew she was my dream come true. She was our first grey and in our opinion she is perfect. Sleek, graceful and elegant she is the Queen of our pack, tattling when the others misbehave. Her favorite activity is lounging in the middle of our bed. Bella is a “leaner” and loves to be next to her mommy. She also loves to go for rides. She nibbles for scratches or to let us know the food is getting low. She bounces and barks when excited. She finds Snoopy quite annoying and will show her “alien” teeth and bark if he crowds her, although there is nothing behind the bark. Bella does not do stairs no matter how much we beg and plead. Bella is really quiet and doesn’t bother anyone. She is the role model for the rest of the pack, yet they don’t always follow her lead. She is shy of new people but warms up to anyone.