Umr Aubrey, known to everyone as Aubrey was born June 6, 2000. Aubrey is a wild child who worships the ground that her skin goddad walks on.....Don Redman. Don is her hero that was responsible for her rescue from her previous owners that moved and left her in the backyard. Don is also my hero that brought Aubrey into my life. There is no describing Aubrey, except as one of her race notes described her......came out of nowhere. She is fast and in your face before you know what has happened!! Aubrey was adopted by our family, September, 2007.

Aubrey started her career at the Tri State Track, Cross Lanes, WV (same as her fur brother, Fit), from January 02 March 02; then off to Wheeling Down, Wheeling, WV for April 02; then back to Tri State April 02 April 03; then on to the Birmingham Race Course September 03 September 04. Aubrey ran 90 races, winning 8 races.

I think it is karma that my two fur children started at the same track together and finished at the same track together.

I guess they were just meant to be together. Aubrey was adopted from the track by a family that should have at least read the back of the dog food bag as to how much to feed her. She was 1 pound less than track weight when I got her and she had been with this family for 2 years. The family moved and call the rescue group to pick up Aubrey, she was in the backyard and they had moved 4 days before the call. Don stepped up and agreed to take Aubrey until she could find a home, and I could not stand the thought of anyone every mistreating her again, so I took her home with me. It was love at first sight (again).

Aubrey was bony, dirty and had nails she could have climbed a tree with, it was sad, but she never stopped wagging her tail. She is one tough little girl. A trip to the vet, which made me nervous because she not been to the vet in years, revealed that she only had hook worms. This was great news, the vet was surprised.

In her new life, she loves center attention...which she will force herself to the front of the line. Also, she loves being scratched, playing with toys, sleeping (in roaching position), going for walks, riding in the car with her head hanging out and nose dripping, eating carrots, marshmallows and anything Ms. Pat can find half price at Wal-Mart. She has learned to spin in a circle and her favorite words are cookie and outside. She is a sweetheart and has brought so much into our lives and taught us all about how to survive in the worst of conditions and keep a good attitude. She is my heart and her skin brother, David, and fur brother, Fit, adore her.