Trevor - January 9, 2007

Trevor is at the Rainbow Bridge…

This morning we sent our beloved Trevor to heaven. 

The stronger pain medication that we gave him last night was not enough to ease his pain. He paced, dug excessively in his bed and cried when he tried to lay down. No pain medication in the world could cover up the pain of the cancer. Trevor was at peace once Dr. Daniels gave him the first shot. We stayed with him every step of the way. He knew that we were with him. We loved him enough to let him go and I feel good about that.  

This has been the hardest decision that we have ever had to make but we know that it is the right thing to do for our boy. He came to us 9 months ago lost and forsaken but in that brief time he has won the hearts of his family and friends. He gained a little sister along the way who already misses her big brother.  

I have only been at home for a short time and it seems so empty. Fortunately, the jingling of Laura's collar reminds me that there is still life in our house. We want to remember our boy as the strong, healthy and loving hound that he was at home and with his friends at the romps.  

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers.  

- Amy, Jay and little Laura


Trevor, we will miss you. We are happy that you are in good company at the Rainbow Bridge: Harry, Cairo, Inga and Brisket. Thank you for bringing so much joy to your family and enriching our lives as well. - - The Greyhound Gang